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„Centrum Kultury Wrocław-Zachód is a rose on a dessert of Nowy Dwór” said one of our guest, but according to us the West part of the city is a whole garden. Our aim is to make this garden blooming all the time.

Centrum Kultury Wrocław-Zachód i san urban institution which leads activity in favour of local community and culturaly activates it by:

  • - cultural education
  • - socio-cultural animation
  • - promotion of artistic trends

We unable for our guest active participation in cultural and artistic activities not only by offering tchem workshops, classes and sections of their interests but also by inviting them for concerts, exhibitions, recitals, theater plays.

To meet the expectations of inhabitants of the West part of Wrocław, we included movie screenings into permanent repertoire of our cultural offert. We present mostly Polish cinema, representing high artistic quality, awarded during Festival in Gdynia, as well as foreign productions. As a model institution of culture, we create appropriate conditions of reception of art for people with disabilities, taking care about accessibility of culture for everyone. By creating audio description and promoting idea of equality in the background of art we enable visually impaired people reception of film art.

We realize cultural projects and invite everyone into participation regardless age, social situation, disabilities, activating community culturaly and developing artistic talents of its members.

We are working under the idea that culture is for all. We are open for any interesting propositions coresponding with our open-minded attitude and creative approach to people, art and culture.

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