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Movie with audiodescription database

  • 80 MILIONÓW director Waldemar Krzystek / script: Marcin Laskowski
  • CRULIC - DRUMUL SPRE DINCOLO director Anca Damian / script: Marcin Laskowski
  • ICE AGE 3: DAWN OF THE DINOSAURS (2009) director Carlos Saldanha / script: Urszula Wołos
  • HUGO (2011) director Martin Scorsese  / script: Urszula Wołos
  • JASMINUM (2006) director Jan Jakub Kolski  / script: ECHO MMR Marcin Laskowski 
  • JUTRO BĘDZIE LEPIEJ (2010) director Dorota Kędzierzawska / script: Fundacja "Siódmy Zmysł"
  • KI (2011) director Leszek Dawid / script: Marcin Laskowski
  • KRÓL MACIUŚ I (1997) director Filip Zylber / script: Marcin Laskowski
  • MIRROR MIRROR (2012) director Tarsem Singh / script: Fundacja "Siódmy Zmysł"
  • OLIVER TWIST (2005) director Roman Polański / script: Urszula Wołos
  • PORA UMIERAĆ (2007) director Dorota Kędzierzawska / script: Fundacja "Siódmy Zmysł"
  • JODAEIYE NADER AZ SIMIN (2011) director Asghar Farhadi / script: Marcin Laskowski
  • THE DESCENDANTS (2011) director Alexander Payne / script: Marcin Laskowski
  • TOY STORY 3 (2010) director Lee Unkrich / script: Fundacja "Siódmy Zmysł"
  • TRZY MINUTY. 21.37 (2010) director Maciej Ślesicki / script: Marcin Laskowski
  • IN DARKNESS (2011) director Agnieszka Holland / script: Urszula Wołos

The scripts were written for the „Excluded from culture” project co-financed by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. The language of all of them is Polish.

If you are interested to burrow the script for free, please contact us here. / link do kontakt

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