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Open the cinemas

„Open the cinemas” (September-December 2011) is another integration project within the „Open door – integration” cycle dedicated to disabled people. This time the proposition was dedicated to the youth with visual impairments within the 12-18 age group. For the project, co-financed by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, our Centre organized:

  • 3 cycles of free workhops of animated movies (the youth both healthy and blind created animations using different techniques under the wings of specialists)
  • movie screenings of movies with audio description. Shown movies included: „Sztuczki”, „Wszystko co kocham”, „Magiczne drzewo”
  • All-Polish conference „Excluded from cinema” which was dedicated to the participation in culture of people with visual impairments and to the creation of audio description for film productions in Poland
  • screening of the movie created during the workshops (with audio description added)
  • exhibition of artworks created by the participants of the workshops

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